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Online interview for the page Aesthetic Awareness, full version.

- Where is your brand based?

We are based in São Paulo, Brasil.


-  Does the location of where you are based influence your design?


Living and growing up in a colonized country we face a constant exercise of reminding  ourselves about our own force and creative drive towards empowering our own identity. Not only our money is worth so much less compared to other currencies, but our access to materials and ways of production is greatly divided and lots of times expensive and hard to reach. We make garments and pieces to wear with what we have in hands at that given time, and we represent nobody but our own vision catharsis in the way we make them. We try to channel aesthetcis that allow us to differentiate industry made clothes, or mass producted

items  from what we make, establishing a connection between us and those who eventually purchase these items. Therefore we are taking a piece of what we live think and see to all corners of the world, not as specifically as Brasilian artists, but as worldwide connectors. We use the internet a lot.



- What inspires you to design clothes

I guess what inspires us is not really the result of it, but just the next piece you have on your mind, but you don't even know it. It's almost like a cycle where, once you are done with one piece, everything you learned from doing that can and will go to the next one you do, so untill that happens, you can't really expect to get any less hands-on and attached materially to that creation. We almost never plan ahead of anything we do, from the pieces to the final edits, and it's through free creation and just phisically living with materials and pieces of fabric  everyday that we just give birth to small parts of our brain that goes still for a certain period of time. Sometimes we'll work on a piece for a full month, doing several things on it and leaving it to dry. Sometimes well just make one piece in a couple of hours, or in a day, and that will both be things we just don't really see it coming. There's a certain magic about knowing exactly when you are done with something, and all the elements, symbols and pieces of the puzzle are aligned. Somthing just clicks and there it is. Manipulation.


- What does fashion mean to you and your brand

Fashion is a way of manipulating visual elements, symbols, textures and wearable objects creativelly to convey your sense of identity. To us, fashion is the hacking channel of comunication of the post-computer cutomized age. We take influences from everything we see, live, and experience, and transmute them into ways of breaking pattern-based, bot induced industry manufactured procuts that get pushed into us. In the cyberspace of fashion, lots of interesting things happen beyond the surface of your screen printed supreme t shirt or the next nike sneakers. Our protocols of creation go on opposite directions, where we choose uniquness instead of repetition, humans to humans instead of corporate distribution of identity. The so called fashion industry is bathed in gender normative concerns and logomania, where quality of materials equals good grailed items by the public, creating big industrial cartels. To us, the decay, mutant and everchanging quality of a garment is the essence of wearing your favorite clothes. We accept the breathing and dying of a piece as a living organism, and we are never affraid to go out of molds or traditional ways of making a piece of clothing. Ultimatelly we are trying to create a non specific influx of ideas that happen spontaneously and just so happen to result in wearebles, but our goal is to communicate, interconnect, express and construct multifaced identities,free of gender norms, race norms or nationality.

- What got you into making clothes?


We started making bleached black t shirts. Those started to be noticed real quick by lots of people that would tell us to continue making and that we had something going on. From there we pretty much just slowly escalated to where we are now. But we still the same 2 people hahaha.


- What is the vision for your brand?


Our vision is to use all of our tools possible to communicate with other people that want to connect with our wavelength. To hack protocols of creating garments, and put out human pieces that trully bind with those who decide to acquire it. Our vision is that we have no specific vision, except a constant flow and fusion of identities that go through us like a channel.


- If there was one thing you wanted people to know about your brand what would it be?


there isn't really anything specific, except be who you are. Don't let corporations, tastemakers and hype driven trends decide what you can or cannot do. Share love and connectivity, support and chaos. Construct new visions, hear those that have things to say and learn how to enhance your own potentials. Once you are ready to take the leap into the rabbit hole, then take a look on our art.

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